Dancing Between Courses At Your Wedding Reception

What exactly is dancing between courses? Although very typical at Jewish weddings and weddings in the Fairfield County, New York, and New Jersey area, it is not seen as much at a New England wedding. Who ever said that you have to wait until after desert to dance? With the help of your DJ, you can transition from your grand introduction into your first dance, and then invite your guests to come and join you for a 10-15 minute dance set. What a great way to kick the party off!

Between each course in your sit-down meal, your DJ can play a selection of classic slow tunes, Motown or other music genres to entice your guests to mingle, dance, and keep the energy flowing at your event. By doing this, you not only create a more festive mood at your wedding, you can gain between 25-50 minutes of dance time at your wedding.

You can even decide to never slow things down. Your guests will naturally migrate to their tables when the food comes out of the kitchen. There have been weddings where the music is at dancing volume and style from the moment guests arrive. No one said that you have to play Kenny G for an hour to put your guests to sleep while they wait for dinner. Talk to your professional DJ and ask about the possibility of dancing between courses at your wedding reception.

Source by Rob Alberti

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